Government Issues No-Internet Memo, Public Servants React In Disgust

In typical top-down fashion, the government has issued a memo that computers used officially by public servants in Singapore will be cut off from the Internet from May 2017. Source According to an IDA spokesperson: The Singapore Government regularly reviews our IT measures to make our network more secure. Although 100,000 computers will be affected, […]

Feeding the trolls

One of the Facebook posts we posted last month received some really interesting comments, showing that we’re not the only ones worried about the current trend of irresponsible trolls speaking (in this case typing) louder than constructive netizens. Of course this is hardly a new trend; even before the internet, those that yelled the loudest […]

Brave new online world

I was just having a big discussion with friend on whether the online space should be regulated at all, before the internet got taken over by haze…  Ya, it was in relation to the big hoo-ha on MDA’s licensing move on the internet space.  The attention of netizens have since moved on. We talked about […]