Do what is best for you and your baby.

It goes something like this: If those people ain’t paying your bills then pay those people no mind! People, society, family members are always going to talk. They think they know what’s best for you so they try to give you “constructive criticism” even though you’re not asking for it. Always remember never to take […]

Hear me roar

I’m not a mother. Not yet at least, but I’ve always known that I do want children at some point in time. From the smell of babies after they shower, their soft sighs when they sleep, to dealing with teenage angst and rebellion –  I can’t wait to experience the joys (and pains) of parenting! […]

Five In The Family

(Joshua and Joanne Sng) It’s possible to raise a large, well-balanced family in Singapore – just ask Joshua and Joanne Sng, who make it look all too easy. The Sngs, by many accounts, make a picture perfect family, especially when all five are kitted out in identical Arsenal jerseys, the favourite team of mum Joanne […]

Young, in love – and in debt.

Summary: What are some concerns that young couples face when getting married and starting a family? How are young couples coping with the added pressure of starting a family? There has been a great deal of talk going on about the somewhat out-of-this-world increase in COE prices recently. I mean, COE premiums starting from S$80,000 […]

Tying the knot in Singapore – not so romantic?

Summary: How do young couples cope with the financial woes of tying the knot? Is getting married becoming more of a financial arrangement? What impact does this have on couples’ everyday lives? Saw this article on Singaporeans having children earlier and earlier?  Reminded me of a good friend of mine. Clara, who’s only 24 years old […]

So marry me, maybe?

Summary: How do young Singaporeans view marriage and parenthood? What are some of the challenges and obstacles to marriage/parenthood that local singles/couples are facing? Are there any enhancements that the government can provide to the existing marriage and parenthood package to entice young couples? Over the Christmas and New Year holidays, I had a massive […]