6 hand gestures that mean different things in different places.

Gestures appear quite innocent until you realise what it could mean to someone else from a different culture. Use wisely. Hand signals come quite naturally to most of us but little do we know that such a simple thing could cause a cultural faux pas (make you lose face). To save yourself from feeling ashamed, […]

Singaporean! Y U No Happy?

  This article has been contributed by Andy Tay:   Heard the song, “Happy” by Pharrell Williams? It was a small, unknown soundtrack in the animation Despicable Me 2. Now its been meme-ed to death; Amsterdam, Paris, Tokyo….and of late, even us Singaporeans have our own version! We all live in the pursuit of happiness… so, […]

An ode to Nelson Mandela

While most of Singapore was busy battling the haze in June 2013, Nelson Mandela was struggling for his life. Mandela, 94, hasn’t made a public appearance since South Africa hosted the World Cup in 2010. President Barack Obama was hoping to see him during his recent visit to South Africa, but the plans were dropped as […]