The cost of prosperity

Our regular readers will have noticed that we strive to write and comment on what’s happening in Singapore with a fair and balanced point of view. But last week some members of the editorial team – including me – got so enraged at something we read online that we almost broke character. What could get […]

Low crime vs. no crime

Following the recent double murders in Kovan and the shocking arrest of a policeman, the anxiety level of Singaporeans about the homicide rate may have just gone up a notch, and to some extent there may also be concern about the quality of our police force. After all, Singapore is renowned for being one of […]

I am parent, hear me roar!

A friend of mine, the eldest of five, fondly attributes the person he is today to his mum’s upbringing. She was a strict, no-nonsense woman – perfect behaviour at the dinner table, excellent marks in school, demanding extra-curricular activities, impeccably maintained room, etc. His dad, the breadwinner and typical authoritative figure in the family, expected […]

Seeing is believing

Have you ever scrolled through your Facebook feed and felt slightly jealous at the wonderful life all your friends are living? “Oh look, so and so just got back from their amazing trip to Tibet!” “Wow, so and so are expecting their second baby, how exciting!” If so, you’re not alone! In fact, researchers have […]

Celebrating the golden years!

One of the rare times when I came into the office early on a Monday morning, I finally had a chance to meet the cleaning auntie who does such a fantastic job of keeping the office, well, looking anything like a functioning work place. She mentioned in passing that she used to be contracted to […]

Time for local SMEs to adopt a flexi working policy

Google ’flexible work’ and you’ll see a stream of related articles in the UK, with most focusing on its positive impact to both employees and businesses, as well as its continuous development; but none which highlights such practices in Asia, let alone Singapore. Granted, if you have friends working in MNCs, you’ll hear of such […]