Pioneer Packages Saved Elder Citizens Millions

Pioneers saved millions this year. The initiative for SG50 helped to curb the living expenses as well as provided lifestyle opportunities for Pioneers and elders to take advantage of this year. About 600,000 pioneers in Singapore signed up and enjoyed the benefits given out for Singapore’s jubilee year. Saving cost on groceries, dining, transport and […]

Pioneer Generation: We need a change of mindsets

  Whilst all the world is awash with talk about red, pink and white dots – you guys clearly missed out a slew of announcements about the Pioneer Generation. “Yeah, yeah…government hogwash” you can say, but think about it. Which country on this planet has the ability and wherewithal to devote resources to getting the […]

Top 3 misconceptions about the Pioneer Generation Package

The Pioneer Generation Package released during the pioneer generation reception at the Istana gave Singaporeans a nice 4D number to bet on (hint: 6586), but more than that, it gave many seniors something to look forward to. More details were released during budget 2014 and although the full details are not out yet, many have […]

Temasek Review

Story of Samsui woman exploited by online media

  This is a translation of the original story in Wan Bao: have a read and decide for yourself if online sources have mangled the original story. TOC and Gilbert Goh irresponsibly made used of an unfortunate events to disparage the government, they hijacked this poor woman’s death without regard to her memory or the feelings of […]