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What Do Overseas Netizens Think Of PM Lee Hsien Loong?

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (PM Lee) was recently interviewed by Christiane Amanpour for CNN on why the US is running an overall trade imbalance, and Singapore’s position when two trade giants have difficulties with each other. PM Lee first took some time to establish in simple English why Donald Trump wants to address the […]

You guys, Roy Ngerng is looking for donations…

Blogger Roy Ngerng, bard of CPF matters, will be allowed to pay the $180,000 (including the costs of the hearing) in damages he owes to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong interest-free (as long as he makes each payment on time) in instalments. The terms of his instalment plan are as follows: 16 Mar 2016 – […]

PM Lee leaving big shoes to fill

Mark Zuckerbergs praise of PM Lee’s coding abilities – a sign of things to come. PM Lee graduated from Cambridge with a first class honours in Mathematics as well as a diploma in computer science. His coding background helped during his tenure in the army as a BG. So when PM Lee took on silicon valley in his […]

PM Lee Pays Tribute To The Indian Community

A diverse Indian Community helped to shape this nation. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong played host to Indian’s Prime Minister Narendra Modhi at Komala Villas a popular vegetarian restaurant in Little India. Both Prime Ministers along with Ms Ho had the entire first floor to themselves as they tucked in to Idli and Thosai, familiar […]

Tan Chuan Jin gets TB! But no, you won’t catch it from him

Minister Tan Chuan Jin makes a full recover from a very rare form of Tuberculosis. Mr Tan had a rare form of tuberculosis that affects only %5 of all tuberculosis patients. The usually fit and healthy Minister was diagnosed with plural effusion, a form of TB where fluid between the layers of tissue that line […]

Roy Ngerng is at it again.

CPF blogger Roy Ngerng gave a speech in Norway during the International Student Festival in Trondheim. In his speech he recounted the defamation suit he was charged with, his termination from TTSH and the protest march he led that disrupted an ongoing event. You can watch it here Looks like Roy is seeking for sympathetic […]

M Ravi Ordered To Stop Practicing

High profile lawyer M Ravi has been handed a directive to stop practicing law. The lawyer turned heads recently when he went on a tirade against blogger Roy Ngerng whom he represented when Prime Minister Lee sued him for defamation. The lawyer had before that also spoke about his intentions to contest in the coming […]

Government Ups Anti Corruption Practice

Prime Minister Lee is keen to preserve low corruption in Singapore public services by reviewing and further increasing manpower to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Board(CPIB). Singapore can take pride in the fact that corruption has rarely been given it’s light of day, and take a stronghold as a practice in the public service sector, upholding […]

Roy Ngerng VS PM LEE (Post Court Interview)

The hearing for Roy Ngerng against Prime Minister Lee came to close with the accused having to pay the defendant $29,000 for defamation. Roy and his legal team seemed in high spirits as they made their way out of court, and stopped to take pictures and give an interview as seen in this video, filmed […]

The sky is the limit

“We are not at the limits. The sky is the limit…” Borrowing from Cervantes’s Don Quixote, the Prime Minister very optimistically presented the government’s plans for Singapore’s urban development in his recent National Day Rally 2013 speech. “We are creating possibilities for the future. We are opening up opportunities for our children, for their children […]