Like Mother Like Son

The slashing case at ITE caused quite a stir, but not at much as the response from the culprit’s mother. The attack was vicious and heated, there were many bystanders but who would risk life and limb to get in the way of a boy wielding a parang? No mother would take to facebook to […]

Hit By The Police

A motorcyclist was accidentally hit on the expressway by none other than a police vehicle. Rainy and wet, that’s been the story over the past weeks, and it’s made the roads a little more dangerous. A motorcyclist travelling along the PIE experienced a rude shock when he was hit by a police van trying to […]

This girl wants to do NS…

This article has been contributed by Elizabeth Tan, a girl who wants to do NS – putting many of our men to shame. 92 percent – in every 10 jobs offered in the Israeli Defense Forces (I.D.F), 9 of them are now open to women. These jobs include fighter pilots, infantry officers, naval captains and […]

6 things NOT to call the police for

Asking for directions, calling to complain about water dripping from clothes hung out to dry, or just keeping silent on the phone are amongst some of the reasons people call the police for. At least according to the Straits Times ( As a public service, us at FSaaM show you a bunch of reasons NOT […]

Low crime vs. no crime

Following the recent double murders in Kovan and the shocking arrest of a policeman, the anxiety level of Singaporeans about the homicide rate may have just gone up a notch, and to some extent there may also be concern about the quality of our police force. After all, Singapore is renowned for being one of […]