Placing things in perspective

Crying foul because Amos Yee has his passport impounded. It was reported that Amos Yee was arrested again on the 12th of May. Many are tired of hearing about this boy who constantly drags his own name through mud just to get attention, but there are somethings that we should really look at before we […]

When the heart is right, the politics will follow

  I read with great interest the provision of sheltered walkways and fitness corners at Workers Party (WP) held wards supported by citizens’ consutative committees (CCCs) under the People’s Association (PA). This translates to: CCCs and PA supports the Worker’s Party. Mr Ong Ye Kung, adviser to Kaki Bukit grassroots organisations was quoted saying “If we […]

Temasek Review

No entry: The narrow path between your rights and mine

  I enjoy the work of Maruah and their push for fairness. However, I do not agree with their position this time: the one where they say the suspected rioters needed a court process before they are deported. In 2008, I was stopped at British border control in Brussels. I don’t know why the officer […]

20 mins with NMP Faizah Jamal: Harnessing the Power of Mother Nature for a Happier Singapore

  Madam Faizah Jamal (centre), with her daughters, Azura (left) and Almira, rallying to save Bukit Brown from getting demolished to make way for new roads. (Source: Madam Faizah’s Facebook page / Photo credit: Balakrishnan Matchap) “Tak kenal maka tak cinta” is a Malay proverb that translates into “You cannot love what you do not […]

Your Letters

Just who are you opposing?

The following is a letter from “Concerned Singaporean” In recent years, Singapore has seen a rise of online vitriol – some objective and constructive, some simply reckless and personal. Between these extremes lie a whole gamut of comments, memes and what not. Many of these posts seem to belong to the opposition, ie they are […]