Women remaining childless? What does it mean?

You know, not all women find fulfillment in having families just yet. More bills to pay and more social and financial responsibilities as well as the ever-so popular “Wanderlust” and fitness trends of our era has brought us a new generation of ‘No Children, No Problem’ breed of independent women. The pressures of having a […]

Making the most out of your HDB property

Since the introduction of the Silver Housing Bonus and Enhanced Lease Buyback Scheme on 1st February this year, elderly HDB homeowners have been given opportunities to make more out of their flats. This is a good move to help senior citizens who may be unable to work due to medical conditions or because they are […]

Everybody’s a little racist…no?

“Everybody’s a little racist, sometimes. Maybe it’s a fact, we all should face. Everyone makes judgments based on race” – Avenue Q: Over the past years we have seen many incidences of similar nature in Singapore, targeting either those of minority race or nationality. This really begs the question: are Singaporeans xenophobic? Forum discussions are rife – from Yahoo! to […]

Budget 2013: Reinventing healthcare in Singapore?

A recent article covering financial accessibility and sustainability of the Singapore healthcare system sparked some interesting and insightful comments from readers who felt the pre-budget 2013 period was the perfect moment to revisit a system that needs to adapt to an ageing population.   Politically-charged discussions aside, policy-makers, medical practitioners, and the general public all […]

Budget 2013: affordable housing not just an illusion?

The 2013 budget announcement form earlier this week identified housing as one of the most immediate challenges in creating a better Singapore with quality growth and an inclusive society.   As Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam noted in his speech, the 2013 budget prioritises the reduction of the cost of housing so […]

Birthrate and Marriage

Birthrate and Marriage

On the topic of marriage and children, we’d like to start here: history shows that no amount of government initiatives will encourage couples to have babies. Not more welfare, not more incentives. Political material will have you think that more welfare, more flexibility in work and more money will improve fertility rates in a country. […]


Editor: Below is the amended motion regarding the population white paper, unedited. A SUSTAINABLE POPULATION FOR A DYNAMIC SINGAPORE: That this House endorses Paper Cmd. 1 of 2013 on “A Sustainable Population for a Dynamic Singapore” as the roadmap to address Singapore’s demographic challenge, and Paper Misc. 1 of 2013 on “A High Quality Living […]

Temasek Review

Your Letters: Forwarded by “Temasek Review”

The article below was sent to us by a person who calls himself “Temasek Review”. “The PAP needs to improve its communications. It is really letting itself down by not getting their points across clearly. After going through the WP arguments and the PAP riposte, I decided that I should sit down and actually read […]

Limited Land, Unlimited Creativity

I’ve been bombarded with post after post of opinions, feedback, and criticisms of the recently-released population white paper, and to be quite honest, I’ve just about had enough with all these negativity surrounding our plans for supporting the projected 6.9 million people in Singapore by 2030. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not that I’m […]

Population White Paper – hard limit, or really hard limit?

The New Year saw a slew of baby-making benefits, followed by the Population White Paper. It’s no wonder that Singaporeans quickly jumped to the conclusion that the government has a hidden agenda. Had there been no mention of a 6.9 million projection, and had the focus been the development of infrastructure to sustain the lives […]