Not so diverse?

A recent WSJ article brought my attention to the old gripe of foreigners being kept at all the top positions in MNCs in Asia. The article discusses the fact that most MNCs still rely on expatriates to fill their top jobs despite being in the region for many years and despite having an abundance of […]

Intern-al affairs

Seen the video of the intern getting attacked? Shocking isn’t it? In modern Singapore even! As an intern, it’s even more shocking to hear that not only the victim did not retaliate, but he also had to endure such treatments for a measly salary! I am curious how did he not realise that something was […]

paper chase

Open letter – Time to call off the paper chase?

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of this magazine. This letter was sent anonymously.  Dear Minister Khaw Boon Wan, I recently chanced upon this meme which then led me to an ST article in which you said university […]

Top Five Singapore Employee Wish List

The employment genie has sprung out of his shiny lamp to grant you three wishes. If you could have anything you liked at work, what would you wish for? We’re not talking about wage bumps or fixed bonuses, healthcare or insurance—those are basics. We’re talking about the stuff you think your boss might consider ludicrous […]

Meritocracy in Singapore

It’s funny how oftentimes some words we had never really thought about suddenly make us reflect on topics and issues we’d never even considered. A colleague recently sent me this interview in which DPM Tharman discusses something I’ve always taken for granted: meritocracy. We’re all familiar with the notion of “meritocracy”; it’s a system in […]


The “sandwiched” middle-class

Watched Malcolm from “Malcolm in the Middle” before? The ah boy who didn’t fit in society, just like the middle class in Singapore. Not rich enough to buy expensive stuff – ferraris, home in Sentosa Cove – not poor enough to get money from gahmen. Guess what? This doesn’t just happen in Singapore. In the US, […]


I’m a worker, so what are my rights?

Summary: How/where can PMEs voice their grievances? The way PMEs are defined determines the way they are protected. Clearly defining terms and categories saves a lot of confusion when disagreements arise.   Like most other Singaporeans, I closely followed the recent SMRT debacle that led to 29 Chinese SMRT bus drivers being sent home.   […]