Is $1000 a Month Enough to Survive?

  Chee Soon Juan of the opposition Singapore Democratic Party questions the idea of living on $1000 a month. Chee’s article: A New Vision For Singapore was published in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) pushing for a change in the socio-economic fabric of Singapore. Stating that the ruling party has governed Singapore by monetizing things […]

The Progressive Wage Model is in force today

  If you are a cleaner, or know someone who is a cleaner, why not help them understand why their salaries are increasing? This year, the country has implemented a career growth policy called the “Progressive Wage Model” (PWM). Under the PWM, employers are required to adopt a career building program, which includes helping staff […]

Swiss rejects the minimum wage

  First, the Swiss wanted a minimum income ( now the unions have asked for a referendum to pass what could have been the highest minimum wage in the world at 4,000 Swiss Francs (S$5600). They certainly have a taste for the extreme. An overwhelming majority of the Swiss have voted against the minimum wage ( […]

5 Reasons Why The Progressive Wage Model (PWM) May Be The Best Thing Since Kaya Toast

  The following letter has been contributed by Andy Tay.    1 – Just the words “Progressive Wage” sounds like we are moving forward and getting better. Compared that to “Minimum Wage” – alamak… maintain at minimum only? How can?   2 – The PWM targets specific lower income generating industries and helps the Singaporean […]

Minimum Wage: The UK needs a major reform

  The UK is increasing its minimum wage by 19p an hour to £6.50 – and is in need of major reform. And who had the audacity to say this? Oh, just the man who set it up 15 years ago – Professor Sir George Bain. According to Sir George, the minimum wage policy has […]

Myths about the Progressive Wage Model

  1. Operators don’t want to promote staff, preferring to keep them at low ranks Productivity is a key component of the Progressive Wage Model. It drives wage increases through real gains to the company. If you are a staff working productively, progression follows naturally. The model also encourages companies to move their workers up […]

Temasek Review

1 minute with: Dr. Steven Peng

  Dr. Steven Peng, 43, is an economist. He does not wish to name the agency he works for.   Progressive Wage, minimum wage – so many wage models being discussed following the implementation of the Progressive Wage Model in Singapore by the NTUC. We asked quizzed Dr. Peng over a quick lunch on his […]

Progressive Wage: The debate continues…

  This article has been contributed by Ed C, a double degree student in Economics and Finance. Ed is currently writing his thesis.   I refer to the AsiaOne article “Minimum wage debate will go on” (Jan 28th 2014) by Han Fook Kwang. ( I would agree the implementation of a minimum wage, as part […]

Don’t horse around with wage legislation

    Minimum wage is a beast. And it comes in a wide variety of species. Each species has a character and a personality a government must manage. If you want to ride a horse, you cannot just jump on a wild stallion and expect it to respond to you. It will throw you off […]

Temasek Review

Minimum Wage: SDP has it wrong

The following opinion was sent in by Eddie Lim The Singapore Democratic Party published a piece admonishing the Deputy Prime Minister for saying that a minimum wage system had crippled countries in Europe and the USA. Why was the DPM wrong? Because the economic crisis was caused by the “criminal acts of bankers” and not […]