Do You Smell…

what’s cooking? Couple days ago, the PSI crept up 29 March, peaking at 87, the highest level this year. Before you get angsty, here’s a funny story to relax you. Did You Know Just last year, the police of Palmerah (sub-district of West Jakarta) accidentally got their residents high as kites when they burned a 3.3-ton pile of marijuana. Of course Some […]

Time to bid haze goodbye?

We’ve had clear skies for the past 5 days, fingers crossed that it stays that way. All of us in the region have had enough of the haze, we’ve not been able to look up and see blue skies for a while now, and anytime an opportunity like that presents itself, we get a little […]

Indonesia “Considering” declaring the forest fires a national emergency

The forest fires can come and go and they’ll still be considering. Indonesia is considering declaring a national emergency over fires that have been smouldering across the archipelago for weeks, sending haze drifting across much of South-east Asia, the vice-president said on Tuesday. It’s been nearly two months now, and Indonesia has had much to […]

Indonesian VP Not A Fan Of Complains

Mr Jusuf Kalla, Vice President of Indonesia has had enough of Singaporean and Malaysian complains over the haze. The haze comes periodically, it’s a yearly affair and we know all too well about it. We’ve got a PSI that tells us how much soot we’ll have to endure in the atmosphere and we get along […]

Clear skies, clear minds

With the air clearing up and the PSI returning to decent levels, it’s time to also clear our heads and think about what can be done going forward to resolve the on-going haze problem and take the necessary preventive measures to avoid another haze-intensive episode. Of course, solving such a big problem isn’t a simple […]

Cause for concern?

Anyone who has been in Singapore over the last two weeks before the rain and hail took place would have noticed the incredible haziness hanging over their heads. Like a thick, fat cloud of burnt air looming over the island, the 2013 Indonesian forest fires made their unwelcome presence felt. Even if you somehow didn’t […]

Hazy logic

It’s funny how some people are so quick to judge and accuse that they sometimes don’t stop to think about what they’re saying. Especially when it comes to something as extraordinary as the haze we’ve been living with these past few days. I’m referring to this recent Facebook post and this article which show people […]

Hazy weather, healthy working conditions

Amidst the outcries and the anger of the haze, I was really pleasantly surprised to see many workplaces looking out for workers’ well-being. Many companies in the CBD area allowed employees to go back home early and even passed out masks for people to be safe on their way back home! Others advised them to […]