your ASS is on the line *** Here’s a recent Facebook Post by Radio Veteran Joe Augustin:   Fanning Flames… Insinuating hate… Isn’t that… NATIONALIST? (or angmoist / spgist) *** Let’s take a walk down memory lane… Just last last year, Radio DJ Jamie Yeo woke up this morning and found her image plastered on […]

Seeing is believing

Have you ever scrolled through your Facebook feed and felt slightly jealous at the wonderful life all your friends are living? “Oh look, so and so just got back from their amazing trip to Tibet!” “Wow, so and so are expecting their second baby, how exciting!” If so, you’re not alone! In fact, researchers have […]

Everybody’s a little racist…no?

“Everybody’s a little racist, sometimes. Maybe it’s a fact, we all should face. Everyone makes judgments based on race” – Avenue Q: Over the past years we have seen many incidences of similar nature in Singapore, targeting either those of minority race or nationality. This really begs the question: are Singaporeans xenophobic? Forum discussions are rife – from Yahoo! to […]