Led by Divian Nair, former radio deejay and TV personality, MAJULAH is a campaign calling on Singaporeans to rally to one word that all Singaporeans can live by: “MAJULAH” In his video, Nair references the shared beliefs and long-standing ideals of France and the US, such as “liberté, égalité, fraternité” in France and “freedom” in the United States… “I hope […]

Why are the WP and SDP Rallies so Popular?

News is probably trending about two rallies: The size of the WP crowds at WP rallies. Chee Soon Juan’s return after 15 years of not being able to contest in elections. The crowds are huge and much has been said about them. Do the crowds translate to votes? Why are people so attracted to such […]

Tough action against Malaysian protestors: Too harsh or well-deserved?

The whip has been unleashed, and it’s not a pretty outcome. It was recently reported that out of the 21 Malaysians who were arrested for participating in the May 8 and 11 protests at Merlion Park against the Malaysian election results, three of them will be sent packing back up north. One of them was […]

Everybody’s a little racist…no?

“Everybody’s a little racist, sometimes. Maybe it’s a fact, we all should face. Everyone makes judgments based on race” – Avenue Q: Over the past years we have seen many incidences of similar nature in Singapore, targeting either those of minority race or nationality. This really begs the question: are Singaporeans xenophobic? Forum discussions are rife – from Yahoo! to […]

May Day, not mayhem

This week leading up to May Day, Singapore will be seeing a flurry of events going on. Aside from the usual NTUC rally, there will also be the Inaugural Labour Day Protest: For a Better Singapore at Hong Lim Park, the Stand Up on May Day: Make Hong Lim Happy event (which coincidentally will also […]