More advice from everyone’s favourite looney

Want to pull a Houdini and zhao your NS? Amos Yee has perhaps shot himself in the foot, or not. He’s managed to run away from NS. He isn’t the first to have ran in fear from serving the two years. Almost all men here have served their National Service, and yes it was no […]

Tactical Smoking

Might as well just ban the product already. It’s a sad day for tobacco fans and smokers everywhere, especially if you’re serving NS. For those of you not in the know, both SCDF and SPF prohibit all tobacco products and related accessories in camps. It looks like SAF will be next to follow suit. That […]

The under representation of a minority

There’s been a lot of chatter online about the under representation of Malays in some sectors of the Armer Forces, mainly the Navy. It does seem however that there’s an overwhelming number of Malays in the Home Team, serving in the SPF and SCDF respectively. It’s rare for a minority to make up most of […]

Mary Mary Quite Contrary

Let’s┬ábreak down Amos’s Mother’s Facebook post. I’m no sleuth, but I shall try. We posted an article with words from Troubled Teenager, Refugee, National Service deserter, Amos Yee’s mother earlier today. In it she made reference to her anxiety and the troubles that her son has undergone these past few months. Ever since he dropped […]

SAF responds to the death of Private Dominique

Army issues statement detailing findings and implications after accidental death of soldier. Headlines were made when news that the high court threw out the cases against the Singapore Armed Forces, and the individuals involving the death of Private Dominique Sarron Lee in a training accident. Private Dominique’s mother even penned an emotional letter to her […]

Open Letter From Late NSF’s Mother

The High Court struck out a lawsuit taken against them for the death of Dominique Sarron Lee by his Mother. Private Lee had been serving his national service and on April 17, 2012, Pte Lee suffered breathing difficulties and passed out during an exercise in Lim Chu Kang, which involved the use of six smoke […]

I.P Man Goes to DB

Actor Noah Yap sentence to 9 months in DB. The actor best known for his role as I.P Man in Jack Neo’s military coming of age series, Ah Boys to Men is ironically in trouble with the military. Noah who was serving in SAF’s Music and Drama Company (MDC) was caught for cannabis consumption and […]

To all you ORD personnel – tough luck

NS pay packet increased by $80 across all ranks. NSFs and NSmen rejoice, SAF, SPF and SCDF have decided to increase the allowances of all those still serving by $80. Whether you’re a recruit scrubbing toilets or an officer watching recruits scrub toilets you’ll be getting $80 more a month. Now if only the recruit […]

Go Jail or Serve NS?

NS evaders could soon face jail time for evading the duties of being a Singaporean son. A recent case saw Joseph Chow a 25 year old pay a fine of $4,500 after he completed his NS in August this year. Joseph who had been studying in Australia to help cope with his diagnosed attention deficit […]

SAF’s First Volunteer Corp Passes Out

The SAF Volunteer Corp welcomed it’s first batch of volunteer soldiers into their ranks at Maju Camp over the weekend, all 226 of them. The units made up of men and women from Singapore, first generation permanent residents and new citizens took up the call to arms and volunteered their services in fulfilling a two […]