Knee jerk government reactions

An internet day is worth a hundred real world days. Remember the kid at My First Skool? Yeah, the news feels so old already doesn’t it? But I read recently, the childcare centre has had its licence tenure cut to six months (from 24 months) by the Social and Family Development Ministry. This means the […]

10 good ideas that aren’t so good after all

Saw this picture? It looks like it will make his work easier. It looks like he had a smart idea. But no way is this safe. When we go about finding a clever way of turning a complicated task into an easier or faster one doesn’t mean all common sense should be pushed aside. And […]

Low crime vs. no crime

Following the recent double murders in Kovan and the shocking arrest of a policeman, the anxiety level of Singaporeans about the homicide rate may have just gone up a notch, and to some extent there may also be concern about the quality of our police force. After all, Singapore is renowned for being one of […]

Cause for concern?

Anyone who has been in Singapore over the last two weeks before the rain and hail took place would have noticed the incredible haziness hanging over their heads. Like a thick, fat cloud of burnt air looming over the island, the 2013 Indonesian forest fires made their unwelcome presence felt. Even if you somehow didn’t […]

Hazy weather, healthy working conditions

Amidst the outcries and the anger of the haze, I was really pleasantly surprised to see many workplaces looking out for workers’ well-being. Many companies in the CBD area allowed employees to go back home early and even passed out masks for people to be safe on their way back home! Others advised them to […]

Cycling in Singapore

Cycling in Singapore: why all the hate?

It’s funny how in Singapore we’re constantly complaining about the price of COE, the MRT breakdowns, and the overcrowded buses, but we also can’t stand those that use alternative modes of transport. Don’t believe me? Just go on Stomp or Youtube and you’ll see hundreds of articles, photos, and videos of people insulting cyclists who […]

Budget 2013: Reinventing healthcare in Singapore?

A recent article covering financial accessibility and sustainability of the Singapore healthcare system sparked some interesting and insightful comments from readers who felt the pre-budget 2013 period was the perfect moment to revisit a system that needs to adapt to an ageing population.   Politically-charged discussions aside, policy-makers, medical practitioners, and the general public all […]