Singapore education reform on the horizon

This year’s NDR goodies should give parents, teachers, and students a reason to rejoice! But is this really the case? Let’s unpack and see what we have here: 1. Including home-schoolers, madrasah and overseas students in Edusave coverage (previously only for those studying in MOE-recognised local institutions).  It’s great that the government is starting to […]

Teachers don’t have it easy

It wasn’t too long ago that the intern abuse surfaced and became a hot topic concerning protection and welfare for interns. Now, it’s the recent abuse of a three-year-old by a childcare teacher that takes the spotlight; goes to show that no misdeed is too small to go unnoticed – especially when it’s caught on […]

Intern-al affairs

Seen the video of the intern getting attacked? Shocking isn’t it? In modern Singapore even! As an intern, it’s even more shocking to hear that not only the victim did not retaliate, but he also had to endure such treatments for a measly salary! I am curious how did he not realise that something was […]

Student Pressure: A Result of Society or System?

Is it the system or the society that increases the pressure cooker known as “the Singapore school”? In the course of this month’s TFR related theme, I had the opportunity of speaking with more than a few mothers. Through these conversations, I have had an enlightened view on the pains, concerns and ironies of child […]