What do Singapore Opposition Parties Say About Retrenchments?

There has been quite a bit of coverage on job cuts (except on SPH which has ownself embargoed ownself on its layoffs). PAP MPs have been nagging companies to inform MOM and unions early of retrenchments. On the other hand, netizens criticise that the Tripartite Guidelines on managing excess manpower are simply guidelines, and workers […]

Chee Soon Juan Loses “Support” Of the Chiams and Lee Wei Ling

On the day before cooling off day of the Bukit Batok By-election, there has been a flurry of comments against underdog Chee Soon Juan. Notably, former comrades Chiam See Tong and wife Lina Chiam, and noted neurologist Lee Wei Ling have come out to tell their version of events. The Chiams: We don’t endorse Chee Soon […]

Electing the common man

Shirwin Eu, Uber Driver by day or night and hopeful candidate forever. Should we all throw our names in the hat? According to Shirwin, who unfortunately will not be gracing the by-election as a candidate and entertaining everyone else not from Bukit Batok, everybody should be able to contest as a candidate. Everyone from the uncle that […]

Why Bukit Batok voters should seriously consider Chee Soon Juan

Since the resignation of the MP David Ong for Bukit Batok, SDP’s Dr. Chee Soon Juan has been very active on the ground, talking to residents, taking photos and posting them onto his Facebook. In spite of the many anti-Dr Chee rhetoric, including The Independent’s 10 reasons why he will not be elected, I hope […]

Wendy isn’t the only one in love with David Ong

Now that David Ong is no longer an MP the gloves are off. Well the gloves came off a long time ago for David Ong. He probably failed his CME class in school, as his severe lack of moral ethics led to an entire string of consequences. And it didn’t take long for trolls to […]

A Meme-orable GE

It’s cooling day, drawing a close to all the politicking for this GE. It’s been an interesting General Election with some surprises and some hilarious moments. Overall the GE has sent Singaporeans into a political frenzy, everybody was talking about it, from the aunty and uncle at the coffee shop to hipsters at those cafes […]

I’m a Virgin Voter

I’m voting for the first time and so far all I’m hearing is either how bad PAP is or how bad the Opposition is. It seems every GE people get into a political frenzy with much fervor and piety, with so many wearing the colours of the party they support on their sleeves. Everything I […]

Why are the WP and SDP Rallies so Popular?

News is probably trending about two rallies: The size of the WP crowds at WP rallies. Chee Soon Juan’s return after 15 years of not being able to contest in elections. The crowds are huge and much has been said about them. Do the crowds translate to votes? Why are people so attracted to such […]

The “Minimum Wage” Weapon

ooh. how do we say this? Er… dear opposition parties, about the sexy concept of minimum wage… this is kinda awkward, but it really needs to be examined. Been catching up on all the calls for MINIMUM wage. Like do you even know what you’re asking for, bro?  Emotive electioneering is par for the course in […]

The Great Singapore Election Sale D-9

1st September Leading up to the General Elections, fivestarsandamoon will bring you a DAILY round-up that will give you everything you need, to place your vote. We scan the www for you for big fat general election deals, and break it down into mini offers for you. Slogan – Judge Potong Pasir Incumbent on his […]