Freelancing, or really just unemployable?

What does it mean to be a freelancer? Does that means that you have a dream to chase or does it simply means that you are unemployable? Let me try my luck and list down some of the more common freelance jobs out there. Freelance Model Freelance Designer Freelance Photographer Freelance Writer Freelance Driver Freelance Tour […]

The Quick Guide For Any Aspiring Freelancers in Singapore

Who Is A Freelancer? By MOM’s definition, freelancers refer to persons who operate their own business or trade without employing any workers. They usually provide services to multiple clients and are free to negotiate their terms and benefits. NTUC’s Freelancer and Self-Employed Unit (U FSE) added that freelancing also refers to an independent / ‘free […]

7 things that make Freelancers pissed…

  Have you engaged the services of Freelance professionals before? Or are you a Freelancer yourself? If you admire the supposed “freedom” that Freelancers enjoy, then you should think again…it’s really not what you think it is. Here are 7 things that make these Freelancers flip: 1. Why the client brief keep changing one? Brief already, […]

The key to success according to Singapore cabbies

The video above is indicative of something we’ve all known for a while: taxi drivers are full of wisdom. And how could it be otherwise? They talk to a lot to different people on a daily basis, they stay up-to-date with the day’s events thanks to the radio, and they take the time to think […]