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Your Letters: Heckled again by Vincent Wijeysingha

  The narrative below was sent to us by Jackson Lee:   I saw this circulating on Facebook earlier and it amused me:     I was onsite when Vincent Wijeysingha heckled the journalist entourage at a press conference. Actually what Vincent did was very uncalled for. The general media questions were these: 1. Are […]

Appointments by Members of Parliament

  There has been accusation that some MPs hold too many appointments, perhaps too many for them to focus on the resident. The latest shows the appointments held by one PAP MP, Yeo Guat Kwang. Let’s organise the list a little and let’s see how time consuming these appointments are: Member, Government Parliamentary Committee on […]

iron fist

*Gasp* Has the iron fist gone soft?

Suddenly, it seems as though our Government has turned from an intimidating grizzly bear to a cuddly teddy bear. Both the budget and national day rally this year seem to have a significant change in approach in many areas. What some would describe as hard policies and the relentless pursuit of growth at all costs […]

There was a time, when people said that Singapore won't make it…

Singapore: City or State?

The Editor has found this piece of writing floating on Facebook – it fits beautifully with this week’s theme, have a read: I think all Singaporeans recognize that we are a city state. So no need to be-labour the point, really. But planners must remember that the state part far outweighs the city bit. For […]

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Your Letters: Frustration with political un-savviness

It is not my desire to lash out at any politician, but I think what was said of Mr. Mah yesterday was disappointing. What kind of politician would say something like: Singapore needs a bigger population, with better educated citizens and talented non-residents for growth “Where will the revenue come from”? (in response to calls […]

The Pendulum of Governance – Green Campaigns

On most sensible accounts, causation only flows forward through time. This is why I am confident to suggest that by maintaining a sustainable appreciation for our local culture and heritage, we will be able to strengthen our National identity and growth as an emerging civilisation. However, before we embark on such an expedition, we have […]

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The individual is never above society

The following is contributed by one Ryan Tan:   The individual is never above society.   This came to my mind after reading the SDP’s emotionally charged article about the termination of SMRT bus drivers.   This is a matter of Compassion vs Facts.   Do I feel sorry for the drivers? Indeed I do. […]

The Legend of Work-Life Balance

Once upon a time, there was an office executive. He went to work early, went home on-time and clocked in 35 hours a week. He loved his wife, his children loved him, they watched YouTube together in the evenings, they went to the zoo on weekends and he and his wife lived happily ever after. […]


Sex, “likes” and how-not-to-be-raped

Friday night, and I was having drinks at the cafe. Across the table from me were four youngish blokes. Halfway through drinks, delicious perfume hit the air and through the doors strode the slender figure of a lady. One of them recognised her and let out a swift shout “Oi Amanda! What you doing here?!” […]

Strawberry Generation

Politics divide people, leaders unite people

    The previous post made by Darryl introduced a new term to me: Inclusive Politics. My immediate thoughts were, “Wouldn’t that be sort of an oxymoron?” No offense to Darryl who coined it, but politics, in my mind, is necessarily divisive. That’s the truth about politics and power struggle. You divide the people against your […]