Are you elite enough for this “Tinder”?

Are you an elite and only want to meet people of your stature? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve heard rumours that a new app that will soon be in the market. It won’t be made available for all, just the high flyers . So if you’re a rich kid on Instagram, or a lonely CEO featured on […]


So, recently, this #holierthanthou article sorta went viral on the www.  It’s headline: Why Can’t Christians Date Non-Christians? We found it slightly unsettling*, but couldn’t quite find the right words to express it… so we looked harder in the www, and found this pretty awesome reply which we would like to share with all of you: *** […]

Man in open relationship asks wife for help on Tinder

Eddy Azzar’s name might not ring a bell, but he recently made headlines in the Dailymail. His claim to fame; Tinder. The social dating app that has benefitted as well as equally crushed the hopes of many. Eddy Azzar is from Singapore, and he’s married to an Asha Jacob. He’s married? Why is he still […]