Surge pricing for taxis: Wait in the rain or pay more for a cab?

Commuters used to have the luxury of choice – either to enjoy cheaper fares from Uber/Grab or opt to hail a cab to avoid the dreaded surge pricing. Well, that’s about to change. Four major taxi operators – ComfortDelGro, Trans-Cab, Premier Taxis and Prime Taxi decided to also implement dynamic pricing (aka surge pricing). Dynamic pricing rise and fall alongside demand. […]

It’s here! Regulations for GrabCar and Uber.

GrabCar and Uber drivers may have to undertake a vocational license. There were some who weren’t too happy with the arrival of game changers GrabCar and Uber. Most of them were people in a similar industry, namely the taxi services here in Singapore. Many cabbies felt that it was added competition and felt at a disadvantage. […]

More Singapore In New Hitman Trailer

If you don’t already know, Singapore along with about a million empty cabs (or something close to that amount) in the CBD will feature as one of the locations in the latest Movie in the Hitman Franchise, Hitman: Agent 47. There’s a second trailer launched not too long ago that reveals yet more of Singapore, […]

Taxi Driver Bully Fired By SMRT

After Youtube videos of a taxi driver behaving rashly along the KPE went viral, SMRT has decided to cut the driver loose. A series of Youtube videos uploaded by the user named Bee Pok showed rear and front view cameras of the entire incident that lasted roughly 10 minutes long. The videos show a silver […]