5 Myths About The SMRT Buyout Debunked

By now you would have heard about Temasek Holdings’ offer to take public transport operator SMRT private. Going by the comments and buzz online, we think some people are still hazy about what’s what and what’s going to happen. Here, let us help. Myth 1: It’s finally happening! SMRT is being nationalized! Hold your horses […]

Breaking down but more reliable

Let’s break down this article. RISE IN MAJOR BREAKDOWNS BUT MRT GETS MORE RELIABLE: LTA That’s the headline that Straitstimes had. It doesn’t seem like a logical statement as it’s a contradicting statement. How can a rise in major breakdowns equate to things becoming more reliable? It’s very much like scoring 1/20 on your spelling test […]

Dear SMRT,

An open letter to SMRT from a relative of one of the young men that died on the job. After the tragic loss of two young SMRT staff, the nation looked to SMRT for clarification and answers, we found none. While every organisation has a PR team in times of crisis, it’s never wise to […]

Fatal accident leaves 2 SMRT members of staff dead

Why were the staff on the railway during operation? Two SMRT staff had their lives cut tragically short this morning. Nasrulhudin Najumudin, 26 and Muhammad Asyraf Ahmad Buhari, 24 were both relatively young and were both receiving on-the-job training when the accident occoured. “(They) were part of a technical team that went down to the track […]

GO-Ahead, Singapore’s 4th Public Bus Service Announces Wages

4th public bus operator service to offer Singaporean bus drivers starting pay of $1,865 per month. GO-Ahead – the London based firm, and 4th public bus service in Singapore has beaten SMRT and SBS Transit, joining other bus service Tower Transit in offering their drivers 5% – 15% more wages. On top of that, GO-Ahead […]

SMRT Back On The Right Track

This latest video from SMRT is a good step forward. With the MRT lines coming under fire the whole of this year due to so many track faults and unprecedented disruptions, you’d expect them to do something to salvage the faith and trust commuters have in them. This video shows the work they’re putting in […]

Surge: Pain or Gain?

During the recent SMRT train service disruption on the North-South Line (25 November 2015), ride-booking service Uber activated its surge pricing during the two-hour disruption. The prices reportedly went up as much as 3.8 times the usual fare. This was not the first time Uber made news by placing a price surge on its service as a […]

Are Singapore’s transport companies starting to feel threatened?

Are Singapore’s transport companies starting to feel threatened? First, you had Uber and Grab Car and other new taxi-booking apps that came into the market and created a huge buzz. Now, there has been a 2nd foreign bus operating company – UK-based Go-Ahead Group – which has won the bid to operate 25 services in […]

Where got Singaporean not funny

Singaporeans are funny, don’t say we got no sense of humour. A letter was sent to the Straits Times from a very concerned MRT commuter, Miss Tan Lay Hoon. In it she spoke of her mighty concern of the dangers involving sewing on a moving train in a confined cabin. Recently, I came across a […]

Cabbies want to surge too

With Uber and Grabtaxi implementing surging prices during peak periods and major events, Cabbies are looking to jump on that bandwagon too. A little something like this. All we can say is, can you please don’t. I don’t want to start walking from point A to point B. And here we thought with the introduction […]