Killer maids have been making the news. Would you still hire a helper?

Domestic helpers have been making the news in Singapore. But for the wrong reasons.┬áIn June 2016, a domestic helper was arrested after her employer was found dead in their house at Telok Kurau. This follows a string of other high profile cases of maid violence in recent years: In May 2016, a 30 year old […]

Two interviews before his suicide

Benjamin Lim was interviewed twice before taking his own life. Benjamin Lim’s case has brought about much to be discussed. Arrested in school and interrogated before taking his own life, could there have been measures that could have prevented this young boy from jumping to his death? Being a teenager is a weird thing as […]

More advice from everyone’s favourite looney

Want to pull a Houdini and zhao your NS? Amos Yee has perhaps shot himself in the foot, or not. He’s managed to run away from NS. He isn’t the first to have ran in fear from serving the two years. Almost all men here have served their National Service, and yes it was no […]

Tactical Smoking

Might as well just ban the product already. It’s a sad day for tobacco fans and smokers everywhere, especially if you’re serving NS. For those of you not in the know, both SCDF and SPF prohibit all tobacco products and related accessories in camps. It looks like SAF will be next to follow suit. That […]

The under representation of a minority

There’s been a lot of chatter online about the under representation of Malays in some sectors of the Armer Forces, mainly the Navy. It does seem however that there’s an overwhelming number of Malays in the Home Team, serving in the SPF and SCDF respectively. It’s rare for a minority to make up most of […]

Low Blow of the week

A video from All Singapore Stuff puts “Trump” statements to the public asking for a reaction. Here’s the twist, the quotes weren’t uttered by Trump, they were Lee Kuan Yew’s words. With it being his first death anniversary and all, All Singapore Stuff remembered him the only way they know how. With no dignity. The […]

Starring Incidents Are Still a Thing

A man has been stabbed to death over a starring incident in Hougang. Bloodstains littered the grounds and police were still at the scene when residents were making going about their daily affairs at 6am this morning. “Ah Meng” as he was known by his friends and colleagues was drinking after his shift as an […]

Should there be a legal age to be questioned by the Police?

A 14 year old boy fell to his death on the same day he was released on bail after being questioned by the police. The minor who’s information has been retained due to laws protecting minors in Singapore was found dead at the foot of his block the same day he was released by the […]

To all you ORD personnel – tough luck

NS pay packet increased by $80 across all ranks. NSFs and NSmen rejoice, SAF, SPF and SCDF have decided to increase the allowances of all those still serving by $80. Whether you’re a recruit scrubbing toilets or an officer watching recruits scrub toilets you’ll be getting $80 more a month. Now if only the recruit […]

Ferry from Batam to Singapore Nearly Kills Everyone

A ferry from Batam to Singapore suffered an incident that wasn’t really fully reported properly according to a passenger. Having gone home at 3 am after a long and tiring ordeal out at sea and away from home, a passenger travelling home from Batam took to Facebook to clarify what exactly transpired during the incident. […]