The Last Great Strike SPH

What SPH should learn from The Last Great Strike of the Straits Times Staff – SPH retrenchment

SPH retrenchment: 41 years ago in 1971, 900 journalists and printers from the Straits Times went on strike. And it is all captured in a book, The Last Great Strike, which covers eight days from Dec 23 to Dec 30 1971. Members of the Singapore Printing Employees Union and Singapore National Union of Journalists refused […]

Sph revenue profit

Singapore Press Holdings profit drops, may axe staff – SPH layoff

If you didn’t already hear, Singapore Press Holdings’ net profit dropped 17.5%. This is mainly due to a slowdown in its core media business, especially its ailing magazine business. What else has declined? 1. media business revenue: down 7.6% 2. ad revenue: down 9.2% 3. circulation revenue: down 3% There are 4,182 SPH staff, of […]

Want to be a blogger – beware of IRAS

Bloggers hit out of the blue with new tax declarations. Bloggers were recently hit with a letter from IRAS telling them that they’ll have to declare gifts and products from sponsors as part of their income. While many bloggers usually receive products from companies for advertorials or paid reviews, not many were aware that these […]

SPH so Hush Hush

SPH issued a public apology to TRS! Not many would have noticed the tiny column issuing a public apology from SPH to one of the former editors of now defunct “socio-political” site The Real Singapore (TRS). Did you know there was even a suit against them? And they admitted their mistake, “gallantly”. The local paper […]