The robolution will be televised

Last week Singapore was alive with one of its most hotly debated topics in recent times. Water cooler conversations were tinged with controversy, emotions overflowed in kopitiams, and family loyalties were called into question. No, there wasn’t a new white paper that you didn’t hear about… the English Premier League voted for goal-line technology next […]

Pay to play

Summary: There is loads of money in sports, but where is it distributed? “Minority” sports should not face funding discrimination So besides the talk of bus drivers and striking, recent news has also been on OCBC’s possible acquisition of the naming rights for the new sports hub. I know from sources that while this is more or less in […]

Uniquely Singapore Sport

Summary: Do we really not have local talent to play regionally? Passion and it’s lack thereof in “amateur professionalism” Employers attitude towards sports is not helpful Much has been said over the last few weeks about Singapore’s Foreign Talent Identification scheme for sports, and also how Singapore Badminton is now being accused of ‘poaching’ talent […]

Pride or Prejudice

Pride or Prejudice

A Singaporean goes to the Olympics, after going through years of gruelling training and sacrificing her time and youth to bring glory to her nation on the international platform. She triumphed with a bronze medal, not just through her own hard work and determination, but also with the tremendous support given from many other fellow […]