Five Reasons Why Working Fathers Quit to Become Stay-at-Home Dads

It’s Father’s Day today! What comes to mind when you think of your father? For many of us who grew up in typical Asian families, we think of father as the one who brings home the bacon, father is never around because he is working so hard outside, father is the strict no-nonsense one, father […]

Stay At Home Mothers: 10 things society needs to push for

  Patrick Tay of the NTUC made an impassioned speech at Parliament, urging society and government for greater reward and recognition to Stay-At-Home-Mothers. He started with a background of the SAHM landscape: “Sir, one often forgotten and forsaken group of our community are the Stay-At-Home-Mums (SAHMs). As of 2013, there are 312,000 females not working […]

Your Letters: Flexible Work Arrangement: Not possible?

  You are a woman. You have just given birth. Your in-laws want you to spend more time with your child. Your husband wants you to spend more time with your child. YOU want to spend more time with your child. But the bills need paying, diapers need buying, milk powder is very expensive. How? […]