Is This Career Suicide?

  ST editor retracts “strong worded” statement about daughter of Lee Kuan Yew. The Assistant Sports Editor of The Straits Times, Chia Han Keong responded to Ms Lee Wei Ling’s post about the hero worship of her father and late founding father Mr Lee Kuan Yew. With it being the first anniversary of Lee Kuan […]

Meet the first Straits Times Singaporean of the year

Madam Noriza became the first person to win this award. The 50 year old saleswoman beat 9 other contenders to take home this inaugural award. The award is given out to persons whom have changed the lives of others or their community through extraordinary acts of goodwill, ingenuity or perseverance. What did Madam Noriza do? She […]

The Blame Game

The recent terror attacks in Paris wasn’t a stand alone and it has prompted many to be the way the truth and the light for all. The truth is that yes, horrific things are taking place throughout the world daily. Logging on to Facebook recently and I’m confronted with post after post about how we’re […]

Lowering The Voting Age

Should voting be open to Singaporeans aged 18 and above instead of 21? If you’re able to purchase tobacco and alcohol, trade in shares and get a drivers license all at the age of 18 should you thus be given the right to cast a vote for your government? That’s a consideration that was recently […]

Going the extra mile

In 2005, the Singapore government launched something called the GEMS campaign (Going the Extra Mile for Service), a strategy that received a somewhat lukewarm response. Many saw this not necessarily as a real effort to spruce up service, but as a knee-jerk move to ensure the IMF and World Bank Board of Governors annual meeting […]

Take a chill poll, Singapore!

Summary: Is the Punggol East ST poll just a storm in a teacup? Are all polls created equal? How accurate can polls be?   Fifty. Only fifty people polled (with almost half of the respondents being “undecided”) and the police comes into the picture.   Granted, there may be concerns that publishing such polls will […]

Letter by a reader

This is a letter I (Lionel) sent to the Editor, Straits Times Forums on the 17th of June 2012. But for reasons best known to the Editor, it was not published. Hence, I am reproducing the letter to share with your readers: Dear Editor, As the saying goes “A lie repeated often enough becomes the […]