Why does the MOE spend $350m on foreign students?

There are online questions asking why the Ministry of education spends $350 million a year on foreign students in Singapore’s education system. Is it true the government cares only about foreigners, and ignore the welfare of Singaporeans? The MOE’s operating budget MOE’s budget for 2014 is $11 billion. This is for the sole purpose of […]

Strawberry Generation

The Pendulum of Governance – Educational Reform

In this article, I wish to urge the need for individual family units to take the initiative to assist with our obligatory school system to nurture a more holistic learning journey for our students who are studying in Singapore. While the pendulum of governance in the light of education has always been recognised as a […]

Student Pressure: A Result of Society or System?

Is it the system or the society that increases the pressure cooker known as “the Singapore school”? In the course of this month’s TFR related theme, I had the opportunity of speaking with more than a few mothers. Through these conversations, I have had an enlightened view on the pains, concerns and ironies of child […]

Is scrapping the PSLE really the best solution?

  The past few days have seen heated debates on whether the PSLE (read: bane of all 12-year-olds in Singapore) should be scrapped. The most fervent supporters of scrapping the PSLE have been from concerned parents, many of whom are “bearing the brunt” of prepping their children for the dreaded exam. Understandably, the PSLE has […]