Have we forgotten how to celebrate success?

  I spent my Saturday evening watching a cultural dance performance. The hall was packed with family members and friends of the dancers. The dancers had taken months to plan and rehearse to put up the show. They had a tight timeline. Their dance costumes were all tailor-made to the individual and to suit the […]

Why Do You Feel Bad About Success?

We are taught in schools that “you reap what you sow” and “success is 90% perseverance and 10% luck”, so why do many smart people undergo confidence crises? You may be a go-getter who accomplished much, but yet feel you are undeserving of your achievements. You wonder if luck or a higher blessing played a […]

Singapore education reform on the horizon

This year’s NDR goodies should give parents, teachers, and students a reason to rejoice! But is this really the case? Let’s unpack and see what we have here: 1. Including home-schoolers, madrasah and overseas students in Edusave coverage (previously only for those studying in MOE-recognised local institutions).  It’s great that the government is starting to […]

The key to success according to Singapore cabbies

The video above is indicative of something we’ve all known for a while: taxi drivers are full of wisdom. And how could it be otherwise? They talk to a lot to different people on a daily basis, they stay up-to-date with the day’s events thanks to the radio, and they take the time to think […]

I am parent, hear me roar!

A friend of mine, the eldest of five, fondly attributes the person he is today to his mum’s upbringing. She was a strict, no-nonsense woman – perfect behaviour at the dinner table, excellent marks in school, demanding extra-curricular activities, impeccably maintained room, etc. His dad, the breadwinner and typical authoritative figure in the family, expected […]

Meritocracy in Singapore

It’s funny how oftentimes some words we had never really thought about suddenly make us reflect on topics and issues we’d never even considered. A colleague recently sent me this interview in which DPM Tharman discusses something I’ve always taken for granted: meritocracy. We’re all familiar with the notion of “meritocracy”; it’s a system in […]

From rags to riches: Singapore’s success stories

Singapore is home to many millionaires, but it has also been the backdrop of many inspiring rags-to-riches stories! Sure, we’ve all heard of the fabulous accomplishments of some of the most famous self-made men; the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Li Ka-shing. But how much do we really know about our own home-grown […]