From PSLE to FST (Foreigners Screening Test)?

Being a born and bred Singaporean, the changes to the law for foreign employment came as good news to me. Sure, I came across reports saying that some bosses are complaining about not being able to find enough waitresses and service staff, but honestly, those are not really my dai ji since I’m a salaried […]

Does political debate make policy-making inefficient?

The recent policy roll-outs – particularly the population white paper and budget 2013 – have led to such heated debate that some have raised doubts on the effectiveness of a cacophonous political debate. Political differences are to be expected, and they can even be part of a healthy and mature political environment. But that’s only […]

Student Pressure: A Result of Society or System?

Is it the system or the society that increases the pressure cooker known as “the Singapore school”? In the course of this month’s TFR related theme, I had the opportunity of speaking with more than a few mothers. Through these conversations, I have had an enlightened view on the pains, concerns and ironies of child […]