It’s here! Regulations for GrabCar and Uber.

GrabCar and Uber drivers may have to undertake a vocational license. There were some who weren’t too happy with the arrival of game changers GrabCar and Uber. Most of them were people in a similar industry, namely the taxi services here in Singapore. Many cabbies felt that it was added competition and felt at a disadvantage. […]

ComfortDelGro Steps Up In The Age Of Uber

Take a taxi in Singapore these days and you’ll probably come across at least one disgruntled cabbie bring up Uber. In the age of technology, start ups, innovation and what nots, it’s become apparent that most daily services can and will one day be replaced. The realisation that most Singaporeans have turned to an app […]

Same Same But Different – Taxis

Pirate Taxis, should they be shut down or lauded for their entrepreneurial instincts? You know that phrase when you go Thailand, and you hear it and see it smacked all over tourist shirts “Same Same but Different”. Well Pirate Taxis here in Singapore, offer the same services, but different prices and come with a whole […]

Seven Things I Want To Tell My Taxi Driver (But Don’t Dare. Scared Kena Scolding)

  Uncle, you get me safely home in air-conditioned comfort, but sometimes, ah, you drive me insane. Here are the top things I want I’d like to you.   1. Social graces. Get some. Toenail clipping, nose-digging and cleaning your ear with your extra-long pinky fingernail are among the array bodily functions that should not […]