Surge pricing for taxis: Wait in the rain or pay more for a cab?

Commuters used to have the luxury of choice – either to enjoy cheaper fares from Uber/Grab or opt to hail a cab to avoid the dreaded surge pricing. Well, that’s about to change. Four major taxi operators – ComfortDelGro, Trans-Cab, Premier Taxis and Prime Taxi decided to also implement dynamic pricing (aka surge pricing). Dynamic pricing rise and fall alongside demand. […]

Carrying a baby? Don’t be offended if an Uber or Grab driver rejects you.

Uber and Grab drivers have the right to reject passengers with children below 1.35m (approx. 7 years and below). Yes, you heard it right. If their cars do not have booster seats or restraints, it would be illegal for them to accept passengers with young children. Offenders can face a fine of $120 and three […]

Who is driving up transport prices in Singapore?

Even though Singapore is a small country, it is ironic that our cost of transport has increased up to the price of a small apartment. COEs are getting more expensive COEs are almost $50,000 now, and may possibly increase further due to private-hire car firms competing with the average individual COE bidder to secure large […]

Third-Party Taxi Booking App rejected application by LTA…

So yesterday, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced that it granted the permit to operate taxi apps to two providers – GrabTaxi and Hailo, while a third operator, Pair Taxi failed to secure a certificate of registration. Pair Taxi is a taxi-sharing app which matches up to three passengers at a taxi stand to one […]

It’s a surging pain

$169 for a ride from Beach Road to Ayer Rajah Crescent with Uber. Running late for a meeting and in need of a ride from Beach Road to Ayer Rajah where her clients were, business manager, Ruby Lambert and her four colleagues decided to book a ride via Uber. When she received an email of […]

Same Same But Different – Taxis

Pirate Taxis, should they be shut down or lauded for their entrepreneurial instincts? You know that phrase when you go Thailand, and you hear it and see it smacked all over tourist shirts “Same Same but Different”. Well Pirate Taxis here in Singapore, offer the same services, but different prices and come with a whole […]

Local singers parody taxi uncles in hip hop track My Phisology

  Sabina-Leah Fernandez ( is a Singaporean editor-turned-yoga teacher now living in Sri Lanka. Read more of her writing on her blog   If you’ve ever taken a cab in Singapore, you’ll love this ode to taxi uncles. We all know these guys have a tough life. Most of them spend over 12 hours on the […]

The key to success according to Singapore cabbies

The video above is indicative of something we’ve all known for a while: taxi drivers are full of wisdom. And how could it be otherwise? They talk to a lot to different people on a daily basis, they stay up-to-date with the day’s events thanks to the radio, and they take the time to think […]