your ASS is on the line *** Here’s a recent Facebook Post by Radio Veteran Joe Augustin:   Fanning Flames… Insinuating hate… Isn’t that… NATIONALIST? (or angmoist / spgist) *** Let’s take a walk down memory lane… Just last last year, Radio DJ Jamie Yeo woke up this morning and found her image plastered on […]

Ai Takagi – Pregnancy and Prison

Ai Takagi will most likely give birth in prison. The title sounds like a drama series, and perhaps in it’s own way it is. The TRS saga has dragged out quite a bit, and just like other sagas that have recently made it’s round on news sites and mainstream media, citizens and netizens are paying […]

Not Many Seem To Care For TRS

A 26 year old man and 22 year old female from socio-political website The Real Singapore (TRS) have been arrested by the police. The police have arrested the duo “for posting remarks online that could promote ill-will and hostility among the different races in Singapore”. Robin Yang the 26 year old Singaporean and Ai Takagi […]

12 reasons why The “Real” Singapore bullies 12 Cupcakes

  In traditional TRS fashion, we’d like to say that this article was contributed by “Fei Ke Noos, 23, professional journalist”.   1. Alex Tan didn’t get a complimentary birthday cupcake from them (Alex, ex-RP/SPP politician is one of the alleged owners of TRS)   2. They were unable to plagiarise the secret recipes and […]

Temasek Review

Error by TRS

  I refer to an erroneous article by TRS on NTUC Co-Operatives. The author clearly has a poor understanding of the subject matter he is writing about. He links NTUC cooperatives as GLCs when clearly they are operated not by the government nor government linked entities. Everyone knows that the NTUC cooperatives are run by […]