Grab/Uber drivers pay $9 a month to be a NPHVA member: What’s really in it for them?

With the recent shake-up in the private-hire industry, drivers no longer have a choice to shuffle between Uber or Grab. That means, they are also somewhat beholden to a platform unless another fella that’s big enough comes along. I found myself speaking to Mohd Randy, Executive Secretary of NPHVA, to find out how the association […]

Surge pricing for taxis: Wait in the rain or pay more for a cab?

Commuters used to have the luxury of choice – either to enjoy cheaper fares from Uber/Grab or opt to hail a cab to avoid the dreaded surge pricing. Well, that’s about to change. Four major taxi operators – ComfortDelGro, Trans-Cab, Premier Taxis and Prime Taxi decided to also implement dynamic pricing (aka surge pricing). Dynamic pricing rise and fall alongside demand. […]

Who is driving up transport prices in Singapore?

Even though Singapore is a small country, it is ironic that our cost of transport has increased up to the price of a small apartment. COEs are getting more expensive COEs are almost $50,000 now, and may possibly increase further due to private-hire car firms competing with the average individual COE bidder to secure large […]


Q: What is the difference between ComfortDelGro and Uber/Grab ? A) Age of their Drivers? B) Types of Cars they drive? C) Drivers’ Social Skills? D) Speed it is Allowed to Travel at? A: None of the Above The difference is: One is a COMPANY, and the other is a COLLECTIVE, a UNION. and I don’t mean union like hey-let’s-go-on-a-strike-union, or in singapore’s case, […]

It’s here! Regulations for GrabCar and Uber.

GrabCar and Uber drivers may have to undertake a vocational license. There were some who weren’t too happy with the arrival of game changers GrabCar and Uber. Most of them were people in a similar industry, namely the taxi services here in Singapore. Many cabbies felt that it was added competition and felt at a disadvantage. […]

Surge: Pain or Gain?

During the recent SMRT train service disruption on the North-South Line (25 November 2015), ride-booking service Uber activated its surge pricing during the two-hour disruption. The prices reportedly went up as much as 3.8 times the usual fare. This was not the first time Uber made news by placing a price surge on its service as a […]

Cabbies want to surge too

With Uber and Grabtaxi implementing surging prices during peak periods and major events, Cabbies are looking to jump on that bandwagon too. A little something like this. All we can say is, can you please don’t. I don’t want to start walking from point A to point B. And here we thought with the introduction […]

It’s a surging pain

$169 for a ride from Beach Road to Ayer Rajah Crescent with Uber. Running late for a meeting and in need of a ride from Beach Road to Ayer Rajah where her clients were, business manager, Ruby Lambert and her four colleagues decided to book a ride via Uber. When she received an email of […]

ComfortDelGro Steps Up In The Age Of Uber

Take a taxi in Singapore these days and you’ll probably come across at least one disgruntled cabbie bring up Uber. In the age of technology, start ups, innovation and what nots, it’s become apparent that most daily services can and will one day be replaced. The realisation that most Singaporeans have turned to an app […]