social resilience

Youths and the new generation of activism

Victoria shares her thoughts about peaceful activism for Singapore…   Recently, I participated in a Youth Activism poll by Young NTUC and that set me thinking further on recent instances of activism in Singapore. It is not surprising that a huge percentage of respondents mentioned that they are unsure about what “Activism” means. However notably, it […]

labour force

What does a union do in Collective Bargaining?

Singapore trade unions avoid confrontational trade unionism – that is to say treating employers like an enemy, taking to strikes and bull dozing demands through without care for circumstances. Militant trade unionism can lead to eroding of business competitiveness and eventually jobs. Unions that are too powerful lend to a fearful business environment where people […]

So you think you don’t need to join a union?

  If you ask any one of your friends if he or she is in a union, you’re likely to be greeted with the following answers: – “Har? Union? Simi lai eh? – “Singapore got union one meh?” In the world of labour relations, the beef of employees are matters of industrial disputes, abject exploitation […]

U Care!

10.5 million People? No la, not another population estimate. Dollars. That’s the size of the generosity of donors at this year’s National Trade Union Congress’s U Care fundraising.  This year, our generous donors put together $10.5 million to give out U Stretch Vouchers, Back-to-School vouchers, U Care Education Bursary to 40,000 families and 40,600 children. […]

Retrenchment: Are you worried?

  “In health you forget the doctor, in comfort you forget God” It is January, we’re freshly back from holidays. Most of us are busy spending our bonuses. And national GDP is up by 3.7% in 2013. My colleagues warned me an article about retrenchment published today is quite likely going to be ignored. In […]

ways to win

Labour: Is McDonalds getting desperate?

  I don’t have a photo to show, but today I observed McDonald’s on a recruitment exercise near the wet market in my neighbourhood. In all my 30 years of residence here, I have never seen a recruitment exercise – let alone one organised by a fast food giant, held in so deep a heartland. […]

The Devan Nair Institute

The Revolutionary Fighter Did you know, the founder of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) was none other than the late Devan Nair. He developed and revolutionised the labour movement with an innovative approach. His revolutionary zeal can be seen from the days when he fervently fought for workers’ rights. When the Public Daily-Rated Unions’ […]

102nd International Labour Conference: what’s in it for Singapore?

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) recently held the 102nd session of its International Labour Conference (ILC) in Geneva. Among the many topics discussed by the delegates and the representatives of labour movements from most ILO member countries were the pressing issues of labour standards and social protection for growing and ageing populations. Singapore representatives attended […]

Temasek Review

Your Letters: Barman charged with drinking on the job

In the spirit of May Day, I hope that you will publish my story. Because of diplomacy, many have forgotten how unions and unionists help their members. I think we should be more forthcoming with these stories. This one for example: Once, I encountered a member who was charged for consuming alcohol whilst on duty. He […]