SIA Pilots pay respects to Lee Kuan Yew

The man has now been laid to rest. As Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong mentioned in his eulogy during the State Funeral Service of the Late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, “The light that has guided us all these years has been extinguished.” But Singaporeans who watched the State Funeral procession yesterday would have noticed a […]

Progressive Wage Model

Four more things the EA still needs to address

Daniel Yap works in the media industry and enjoys blogging on social and political issues. He is married with four children. He blogs also at:   April has come around and a long-awaited update to the Employment Act (EA) is in force. Salary caps for protection under the EA have been raised to $2,500 a month […]

Singaporean! Y U No Happy?

  This article has been contributed by Andy Tay:   Heard the song, “Happy” by Pharrell Williams? It was a small, unknown soundtrack in the animation Despicable Me 2. Now its been meme-ed to death; Amsterdam, Paris, Tokyo….and of late, even us Singaporeans have our own version! We all live in the pursuit of happiness… so, […]

Stay At Home Mothers: 10 things society needs to push for

  Patrick Tay of the NTUC made an impassioned speech at Parliament, urging society and government for greater reward and recognition to Stay-At-Home-Mothers. He started with a background of the SAHM landscape: “Sir, one often forgotten and forsaken group of our community are the Stay-At-Home-Mums (SAHMs). As of 2013, there are 312,000 females not working […]

My workplace has these benefits, jealous or not?

  What’s the best way to raise employee morale than to make for a killer workplace? Here are ten offices in Singapore with corporate welfare that extend way beyond “20 days of paid annual leave per year”. A happy and motivated environment makes for creativity, inspiration, “out-of-the-box” thinking and greater productivity than a regimental, kill-joy […]

Heart to heart with union leaders, an intern’s experience

  This article is adapted from “NTUC This Week”   Prior to the interview sessions with the union leaders, my idea of union work was simple – to negotiate and bargain for better benefits for workers. I had never given much thought to the importance of union work, as I felt that unions were losing […]

Better jobs for all, a labour movement for all, tripartism for all

  Today marks the opening of NTUC’s Ordinary Delegate’s Conference (ODC). The ODC is a mid-term check and report on how much the Congress has done in the labour environment of Singapore. Our unions and labour movement works a little differently from our foreign counterparts – this is direct credit to a functional tripartite model. […]

Temasek Review

Rebuttal: Workers at the mercy of corporations

I’d like to draw your attention to this article produced on “where bears roam free”. For some reason, the writer decided to delete his own article from the site. Nverthless, I shall reproduce it here and my comments to this article are embedded within. I shall make my comments under the name of “Z”.   […]

4 Examples of how one hotel improved productivity

On what differentiates a ‘good’ company from a ‘great’ one, I quote Jim Collins: “Looking back on our research, what’s most striking to me about our findings is the absence of a magic moment in any of the good-to-great companies…The real path to greatness, it turns out, requires simplicity and diligence. It requires clarity, not […]