Universal Basic Income: Should Singapore Consider?

Universal basic income has been a buzzphrase of 2017. A recent McKinsey report on what the future of work will mean for jobs, skills and wages revealed some worrying news. An estimated 800,000 full-time equivalent positions in Singapore and 23% of our current work activities may be potentially displaced by automation by 2030 (which will […]

My workplace has these benefits, jealous or not?

  What’s the best way to raise employee morale than to make for a killer workplace? Here are ten offices in Singapore with corporate welfare that extend way beyond “20 days of paid annual leave per year”. A happy and motivated environment makes for creativity, inspiration, “out-of-the-box” thinking and greater productivity than a regimental, kill-joy […]

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Singapore does not need to emulate Nordic-type welfare

  Introduction Singapore has gone very fast and far since our independence. We used to be a struggling new nation finding our identity and destiny in the midst of political and economic turmoil, within a short span of just one generation, Singapore has leapfrogged from a third world country to the top league. It is […]

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No entry: The narrow path between your rights and mine

  I enjoy the work of Maruah and their push for fairness. However, I do not agree with their position this time: the one where they say the suspected rioters needed a court process before they are deported. In 2008, I was stopped at British border control in Brussels. I don’t know why the officer […]

Of runways and apple pie

I was talking to a friend who is on the brink of going into a new job, and was going through the story she needs to tell people who asks why she is leaving. We tried a few versions – want more money, better prospects.  Handsome new boss could have been a good one, but […]

Hazy weather, healthy working conditions

Amidst the outcries and the anger of the haze, I was really pleasantly surprised to see many workplaces looking out for workers’ well-being. Many companies in the CBD area allowed employees to go back home early and even passed out masks for people to be safe on their way back home! Others advised them to […]

Staff welfare at local SMEs: What’s the deal?

How do local SMEs fare when it comes to providing employee benefits? Is it true that SME employees are getting the short end of the stick as compared to their counterparts in MNCs? Patty, a director of Corporate Communications and Human Resource at a local accounting firm, says that – contrary to popular belief – […]

Struggles of a single mother in sterile Singapore

Being a single mother is Singapore is no small feat. Serena (who prefers to go by only her first name) has experienced her fair share of hard knocks raising her daughter in a system that favours the nuclear family in terms of state benefits. In a tete-a-tete with Five Stars and a Moon, she talks […]

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Letter about woman at Bedok North

The following letter was written to us by a person who prefers to remain anonymous. He is a social worker in the East Coast region. I refer to your story on the woman at Blk 419 Bedok North St.1, level 6. I am a volunteer with social work in the East Coast region, and I […]

$8.6m funding causes pandamonium

From left: Giant pandas Kai Kai (male) and Jia Jia (female). PHOTO CREDITS: WILDLIFE RESERVES SINGAPORE   Who would have thought that two cute, innocent little animals would draw so much hullabaloo.   So they cost about $8.6 million to bring in, and this drove the anti-establishment people making grumpy remarks such as, “This money […]