Editor: Below is the amended motion regarding the population white paper, unedited. A SUSTAINABLE POPULATION FOR A DYNAMIC SINGAPORE: That this House endorses Paper Cmd. 1 of 2013 on “A Sustainable Population for a Dynamic Singapore” as the roadmap to address Singapore’s demographic challenge, and Paper Misc. 1 of 2013 on “A High Quality Living […]

Temasek Review

Your Letters: Forwarded by “Temasek Review”

The article below was sent to us by a person who calls himself “Temasek Review”. “The PAP needs to improve its communications. It is really letting itself down by not getting their points across clearly. After going through the WP arguments and the PAP riposte, I decided that I should sit down and actually read […]

Limited Land, Unlimited Creativity

I’ve been bombarded with post after post of opinions, feedback, and criticisms of the recently-released population white paper, and to be quite honest, I’ve just about had enough with all these negativity surrounding our plans for supporting the projected 6.9 million people in Singapore by 2030. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not that I’m […]

Population White Paper – hard limit, or really hard limit?

The New Year saw a slew of baby-making benefits, followed by the Population White Paper. It’s no wonder that Singaporeans quickly jumped to the conclusion that the government has a hidden agenda. Had there been no mention of a 6.9 million projection, and had the focus been the development of infrastructure to sustain the lives […]

Japan, sinking paradise for elderly people

The article below has been submitted to us by our friends from Ninja Girls, see below for the post in it’s original Japanese. My parents in Japan. 私の両親です。   Everyone keeps saying that “Japan is facing a serious ageing problem”. But if we look at our average age, Japan and Singapore has only 5 year […]

The White Paper

The White Paper: Where are we going?

This was originally published on:   The population debate transcends political stripes. It does not matter which political party you belong to. What matters is whether or not you believe in Singapore and the kind of future we want for our country. It not entirely about the numbers we should have, although that itself is […]

The White Paper

No, 6.9m is not target number. Now back to the issues…

Today, there is clarity that 6.9 is NOT the target growth rate of the administrators. Because, no, even they admit that it is not possible. But what then are the issues? We all know that Singapore is turning into a greying nation, similar to other developed countries. Singaporeans are having fewer children due to their […]

The odd thing with 6.9

  I’’ve been telling friends that 6.9m is a projection, based on what we have today and what we want to see, using assumptions of past trends and birth rates. The logic of the projection, to me, is like that:- 1)      Fertility low, aging demographics, hence will strain country’s resource More elderly to support in the […]

The White Paper

7 million in Singapore?!

  As many other people living in Singapore, I was surprised by recent headlines on a DBS white paper which expects the Singapore population to reach 7 million people by 2030. Although no official government population target has been released, this has not stopped analysts from speculating. Actually now that I really think about it, […]

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Your Letters: A young student speaks – population package

The article below has been written by Clarissa, a young student working to pay through college: The government’s recent announcement of the additional pro-family measures received different reactions. Undoubtedly, many couples welcomed the measures while others grumbled the benefits are still insufficient. As I read the news, I shuddered at the thought of what this […]