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Or else the lightning god…

The letter below was submitted by Fernandez Lee, 39 In secondary school, we used this book by Catherine Lim for literature. I absolutely loved the book as it was a compilation of several local stories that gave much room for reflection and thought. Can’t remember most of that now, but the eponymous story was based […]

Progressive Wage Model

Four more things the EA still needs to address

Daniel Yap works in the media industry and enjoys blogging on social and political issues. He is married with four children. He blogs also at:   April has come around and a long-awaited update to the Employment Act (EA) is in force. Salary caps for protection under the EA have been raised to $2,500 a month […]

Not so diverse?

A recent WSJ article brought my attention to the old gripe of foreigners being kept at all the top positions in MNCs in Asia. The article discusses the fact that most MNCs still rely on expatriates to fill their top jobs despite being in the region for many years and despite having an abundance of […]

Public sector ‘lags behind in pay for rehired staff’

I refer to this article:   I was unpleasantly surprised to find that public servants face cuts of up to 30% when they are re-employed at the age of 62. What have they done to deserve the pay cut? Partaking in the natural process of ageing? Why is the government punishing them for growing old? […]

SG Conversations with the MOM: A level playing field

  “If you were an employer and you had to chose between two potential new hires: one a Singaporean asking for $2500 and the other a foreigner asking for $2000. Ceteris paribus, who would you hire?” This was one of the questions posed by one of the participants at a recent “Singapore Conversations” hosted by […]

What makes a leader?

What makes a leader?

Ever since Marissa Mayer took over as CEO of Yahoo, the company’s been making a lot of headlines. As one of Google’s earliest employees and its first female engineer, the Stanford Master of Computer Science graduate held key roles in the search, user experience, and local services teams. What makes a leader? When the 37-year-old was […]

Working behind the scenes

A recent post making the rounds on Facebook garnered quite a number of reactions in just a few hours. The post tells the story of a woman unfairly dismissed from her job because she got pregnant. In the end, she was compensated for her employer’s unacceptable (and illegal) treatment thanks to the intervention of the […]

Staff welfare at local SMEs: What’s the deal?

How do local SMEs fare when it comes to providing employee benefits? Is it true that SME employees are getting the short end of the stick as compared to their counterparts in MNCs? Patty, a director of Corporate Communications and Human Resource at a local accounting firm, says that – contrary to popular belief – […]

Everybody’s a little racist…no?

“Everybody’s a little racist, sometimes. Maybe it’s a fact, we all should face. Everyone makes judgments based on race” – Avenue Q: Over the past years we have seen many incidences of similar nature in Singapore, targeting either those of minority race or nationality. This really begs the question: are Singaporeans xenophobic? Forum discussions are rife – from Yahoo! to […]

Meritocracy in Singapore

It’s funny how oftentimes some words we had never really thought about suddenly make us reflect on topics and issues we’d never even considered. A colleague recently sent me this interview in which DPM Tharman discusses something I’ve always taken for granted: meritocracy. We’re all familiar with the notion of “meritocracy”; it’s a system in […]