Another week, another retrenchment. Resorts World Singapore laid off about 375 employees following what the integrated resort said was a review of “its operational resources” amid falling profits in the gaming industry. CIMB laid off a dozen staff from its broking business in Singapore. The move came amid a dull period for the Singapore equity […]

Chan Chun Sing’s 1074 word essay has one message: the downturn is looming

When the Labour Chief spends his time to pen down all these words to warn you of a downturn, perhaps it might be good to pay some notice. You can read the article in full here. In case you haven’t noticed, there is economic slowdown in Singapore. Retrenchments have been announced and the country is […]

Employment, entitlement etc.

The question is always ‘What is the role of a labor movement?’ How much is about collective bargaining, how much is about social change for all workers? – Andy Stern Employment is not an entitlement, it is not a right and neither is it guaranteed. In a place like Singapore, where the unemployment rates are […]

Everything You Need to Know about SkillsFuture Credit

It’s the first work day of 2016 for most of us! First off, let me say this, Congratulations! You’ve survived 2015! If you’ve been following the news and all the rather depressing economic and market updates, you would know that we should be bracing ourselves for a not-so-bright year ahead. I looked into my crystal […]

10 top things to celebrate 2015 as a worker

2015 comes to a close today…if you haven’t already known that. Most would agree that it had been a busy and crazy year…with all the SG50 celebrations, General Election and also the passing of our Founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. But specifically for the workforce, 2015 has more reason for workkers like you and […]

Temasek Review

Or else the lightning god…

The letter below was submitted by Fernandez Lee, 39 In secondary school, we used this book by Catherine Lim for literature. I absolutely loved the book as it was a compilation of several local stories that gave much room for reflection and thought. Can’t remember most of that now, but the eponymous story was based […]

Why being more productive can work out for you!

  Productivity, this overwhelming word that comes in all forms, shapes and sizes. It is what companies advocate, it is the primary umbrella under which the company can function and make profits. The more productive we are, the happier the management will be. This means the company earns more. But what is it in for […]

Progressive Wage Model

Four more things the EA still needs to address

Daniel Yap works in the media industry and enjoys blogging on social and political issues. He is married with four children. He blogs also at:   April has come around and a long-awaited update to the Employment Act (EA) is in force. Salary caps for protection under the EA have been raised to $2,500 a month […]

My workplace has these benefits, jealous or not?

  What’s the best way to raise employee morale than to make for a killer workplace? Here are ten offices in Singapore with corporate welfare that extend way beyond “20 days of paid annual leave per year”. A happy and motivated environment makes for creativity, inspiration, “out-of-the-box” thinking and greater productivity than a regimental, kill-joy […]

Heart to heart with union leaders, an intern’s experience

  This article is adapted from “NTUC This Week”   Prior to the interview sessions with the union leaders, my idea of union work was simple – to negotiate and bargain for better benefits for workers. I had never given much thought to the importance of union work, as I felt that unions were losing […]