The under representation of a minority

There’s been a lot of chatter online about the under representation of Malays in some sectors of the Armer Forces, mainly the Navy. It does seem however that there’s an overwhelming number of Malays in the Home Team, serving in the SPF and SCDF respectively. It’s rare for a minority to make up most of […]

A “PE” In AHPTEC Speaks Up

A Punggol East resident penned a letter giving their concerned views over the handling of AHPTEC. Dear AHPETC, I note with distress the latest Town Council Management Report for FY2014 which the Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol East Town Council (AHPETC) was banded “red” in the areas of service and conservancy charges arrears management and corporate governance. The report […]


It’s that time of the year again. Time to plan a Halloween costume that’s gonna get you the reaction you want. Here at FSaaM, we’ve compiled a very Singaporean list, because, face it, we can create world news, be scary joke, and totally unbecoming, when we try very hard. Let’s pause a moment for that last joke […]

A Meme-orable GE

It’s cooling day, drawing a close to all the politicking for this GE. It’s been an interesting General Election with some surprises and some hilarious moments. Overall the GE has sent Singaporeans into a political frenzy, everybody was talking about it, from the aunty and uncle at the coffee shop to hipsters at those cafes […]

I’m a Virgin Voter

I’m voting for the first time and so far all I’m hearing is either how bad PAP is or how bad the Opposition is. It seems every GE people get into a political frenzy with much fervor and piety, with so many wearing the colours of the party they support on their sleeves. Everything I […]

Why are the WP and SDP Rallies so Popular?

News is probably trending about two rallies: The size of the WP crowds at WP rallies. Chee Soon Juan’s return after 15 years of not being able to contest in elections. The crowds are huge and much has been said about them. Do the crowds translate to votes? Why are people so attracted to such […]

The “Minimum Wage” Weapon

ooh. how do we say this? Er… dear opposition parties, about the sexy concept of minimum wage… this is kinda awkward, but it really needs to be examined. Been catching up on all the calls for MINIMUM wage. Like do you even know what you’re asking for, bro?  Emotive electioneering is par for the course in […]

Head to Head

It seems like it’s only just begun but no candidate, incumbent or opposition is taking the GE lightly. There’s been no warm up no careful anticipation to help you adjust to the frigid waters of this election. All parties have gone straight to the mid section of the pool, and making their way to the […]

Policy-making is totes like project work (General Elections 2015 Singapore)

(General Elections 2015 Singapore) Let’s try to remember a time when life was simpler, you were a student in school and all you had to worry about was homework and being cool. Imagine you were assigned group work and you had to choose between having just two group-mates – the smartest students in class who […]

Rally Round Up Day 1

The rallies couldn’t have kicked off an better with both WP and PAP being the first to address the people. WP as usual drew in huge crowds in a rousing display in Hougang where they first wrested control from PAP for a seat in parliament. They’ve managed to make Hougang an opposition stronghold and it […]