Undergrads from NTU, Scott, Ann, Kim and Joyee (pictured), are the drivers behind Paint the Town Red, an online movement dedicated to increase awareness, and debunk myths about HIV among youths (like, in a totally cool way – i.e. not in the gahmen way. er, HPB, consider yourselves tagged.) Determined to inject relevance and a fresh perspective to […]

Is it worth pursuing a degree today?

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) released a report yesterday (3 February 2016) on the declining job vacancies in Singapore. According to the report, job vacancies fell by 7,400 last September from the same month in 2014. And industry experts are concerned about the mismatch between the kinds of jobs workers look for and the kinds of […]

Giving Back To Keep SG50 Going

NDP may have passed, but the national celebrations still ring true. National songs, agendas and SG50 still resonate around the island. With that, here’s a music video titled “Snow Flower”, a National Day and charity project theme song. Give the song a listen, and keep the national spirit burning. It’s SG50 all year round and […]

Young, educated, and unemployed

I was in Sentosa over the last weekend and bumped into crowds of university freshies going about their orientation activities, and it suddenly hit me that it has been five years since I left school. How time flies! It honestly doesn’t feel that long ago when I was still whiling away in Europe on my […]

Youth in revolt

Youth in revolt?

The recent headline of an NS man who got knifed by a group of teenagers raises the question of youth creating trouble out of boredom. In Singapore, youth unemployment is quite low and youth crime is also relatively low, but that doesn’t mean we should let either get out of hand! At the same place […]

Workfare: Does the youth need it too?

I took my first part-time job straight after my O-levels, and spent two weeks selling accessories out of a makeshift stall in the basement of Orchard Cineleisure.  The pay was a meagre $4 per hour, but the heightened purchasing power was heady to a 16-year-old. Whiling the hours away at work I would list, in […]