Meet the boss of Old Rochor Beancurd!




Hello! Introduce yourself please!

I’m Elson and I’m the marketing manager for this place. We run an F&B business, namely Old Rochor Beancurd.


Well, this is a pretty nice establishment. What’s this place all about?

We’re a quick-bites place cum dessert shop and specialize in soy beancurd and fried snacks. This is a great place to drop by for food if you need to get something in a pinch.


There seem to be quite a fair bit of eateries around here. Competition must be fierce! Why did you guys choose this location of all places?

It’s precisely that this area is where people come for good food that we chose it. There’s the Ponggol Nasi Lemak just opposite of us. There was also the Lavender Food Court just one block down behind us. Currently, there aren’t a whole lot of well-known dessert stores around here so we thought this would be a strategic location. People can drop by to grab some dessert after their meal. If you need a late-night snack, we’re open till 2AM.


So how long have you guys been at this?

We’ve been open at this new location for at least a month and a half. This business is a family business and it’s been around since the 1960s.

My partner’s grandmother was the owner of this business. She used to sell snacks and soya beancurd before she retired and handed the business over to the second generation. This business was then handed down to the current third generation. In short, we’re in a new place but we’ve been around for quite a long while.





That’s quite a lot of years! You must have faced many challenges along the way!

Every business has its own set of challenges to overcome. I wouldn’t say that the path has been easy but it’s taught us perseverance. One of the greatest challenges we’ve faced as a whole is to constantly adapt to the current trends while retaining our unique identity. The most recent challenge that I can think of is finding a new location on short notice because our previous landlord increased the rent of our previous place. It actually took quite a fair bit of searching to find this place.





Wow! What helped you to stay afloat?

Most definitely friends and trustworthy contacts. It’s important to have healthy working relationships and mutual trust. Problems and challenges will find their way to any business, no matter how good you are, but it becomes a whole lot more workable when you have a team that you can trust that has the company’s best interests at heart and is willing to come together to problem-solve.


As food-providers who’ve been around for a while, what do you think about the food scene in Singapore?

Hmm… Singapore is pretty well-known for her variety and affordable hawker fare so most of us Singaporeans have this habit of not really cooking at home, but just eating out. I would say that it’s definitely a thriving industry in Singapore.





What do you think is going to be the next hit in the industry?

Haha! It’s hard to say with a vibrant food scene. We’ll just have to wait and see.


Singapore’s pretty big on family and friendships. What role do you think food plays in great friendships?

Where there is food, people gather. And that gives people a chance to talk and spend time with each other.


Do you think that you guys play a role in great friendships?

Well, our establishment has always been well-known to be a place where people meet to catch up over supper, tea time and breakfast.

We’re also very service-oriented and our goal has always been to provide a comfortable location for people to meet, talk and eat. One of the major upgrades we’ve just had is air-conditioning.





Any exciting news or plans regarding the business?

We’re looking into opening a few more branches around Singapore. Franchising and international expansion are definitely on our minds as well.


This is for our readers out there: What do you think makes for good business ethics?

I think in any business, integrity is one of the most important things – not just because you’re trying to keep your job but because you’re working with other people and trust is a rare commodity these days. A certain standard should always be maintained. You should be accountable and responsible with your accounts, your products, your operations and most importantly, to look after your customers. Those, I would say, are essential for a business to run well.





Any advice for newbies to business?

I think perseverance, not being afraid of failure and having a good business sense are very important. Plan out everything that you want to do and aim to stay on track.


Any last words?

Come drop by for supper or a quick bite at 27 Foch Road #01-03 (s)209264, Hoa Nam Building. It’s just along Jalan Besar! We’re open from 7.30AM to 2.30AM. If you’re feeling bored or feeling alone, we will keep you company!












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