Do you like puns? Do you like Hong Kong? Read on!

This chap came back from Hong Kong and came up with these “kiam pah” puns from their MTR station names.


Scyler Yang’s Facebook page seems to have been set to private, but hey, we got his fine work before he did!


1932254_10152950678632278_64654210125583974_n 10409282_10152950678862278_9009341072601871810_n 10409746_10152950678602278_365960697352998052_n 10421603_10152950678392278_2813574629344191295_n 10898218_10152950678837278_8470173918137164906_n 10906496_10152950678597278_5157150471870291604_n 10906537_10152950678402278_8701376415263204088_n








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