Scoot Cabin Crew Turns Spokeswoman

The Scoot fiasco continues with their own staff not making it any better.

Felicia Camille Toh, a cabin crew with Scoot took it into her own hands to be the spokesperson for the airline via her social media account. The crew member called out all that had raised complaints about the delay, akin to the old colloquial adage “You so good, you come and do la”.


Felicia who possibly has never been delayed for an entire day or had a major appointment she wasn’t able to get to due to a technical fault not of her doing but was not compensated fairly, leapt to the defence of the local budget carrier. She mentions that the fare for the flight was already so cheap yet passengers still demanded for compensation, also suggesting that they should have just flown with Singapore Airlines instead to avoid instances such as these.


The stewardess is clearly no spokesperson for the airline, and she is most likely new to the working world, also like a few in the past has no concept of how social media operates. Instead of quelling the heat that Scoot is under she has poured oil all over the burning wreck with her latest post.

We wish Scoot all the best, and strongly hope that the passengers get fair compensation. Also it wouldn’t be a surprise if the only flying Felicia does is out of her own pocket from now on.

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