Is CPF really that good a deal?


  • This article was published on mainstream ST about how CPF is a very good deal and Singaporeans have no clue about how good it really is.
  • Singaporeans prove ST right that they indeed have no clue. Or not?

We love cpf!

Do Singaporeans really love CPF? Do we really see the good in CPF? Or are we just focused on how “we can’t use our own money”?

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BUT NOT everyone loves the cpf i guess…

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you didn’t ask me but,

CPF is like your mother.

No, I am not trying to be rude but don’t you think so? In order to encourage you to save, she will also chip in some money to get you started.

She will also tell you which money is for what but she ain’t going to let you touch those money for things like alcohol or to buy that 101th pair of shoes.

You might hate her for that because the money is technically yours but you will probably thank her when she takes out this big sum of money to buy you a house or pay for your medical bills when you need it.

You know that wise old adage to save for a rainy day?

(Psst: by the way, if you’re not using your Ordinary Account money to buy a flat, you know you can transfer to Special Account for more interest right?)

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