Netizen Questions Lim Tean’s Logic, Gets Banned As Expected

Photo: Najeer Yusof/TODAY

Lim Tean posted an indignant rant about the new Covid-19 cases at SAFRA Jurong, highlighting that the People’s Voice had previously protested when Heng Chee How said reservist would continue as usual.

However, a quick Google search will reveal that the SAFRA Jurong cases were involved in a private dinner function at Joy Garden Restaurant, not because of reservist.

This ‘leap of logic’ wasn’t missed by a netizen Peter Chua, who pointed out in a comment on lawyer Lim Tean’s post that the new cases were there for a private dinner, and asked how this was related to reservist.

Possibly angry that someone had poked a hole in his argument against Heng Chee How, Lim Tean deleted the comment and banned Peter Chua.

Peter Chua accurately predicted that this would have happened so he quickly took a screenshot of his comment and posted it online, demonstrating an example of how Lim Tean’s version of ‘freedom of speech’ looked like.

So much for practising freedom of speech.

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