Why are the trade unions in Singapore so weak?

“Why are the trade unions in Singapore so weak?” I asked NTUC Chief Lim Swee Say. One of the benefits I get as a blogger, is that I get to meet important people all the time. On this occasion, I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Lim Swee Say, the Secretary General of the NTUC. […]

“If you don’t study hard you will be cutting grass like this man here!!”

  To be honest, this is the biggest culture shock I got in Singapore: I once saw a mother pointing at the hardworking landscaper, as if he is invisible, delivering her public lecture to this poor kid. It was along the lines of “If you don’t study hard, you will be cutting grass like this man […]

…so Singaporean graduates can’t get a job?

The article below is sent to us by a Japanese reader who wishes to remain anonymous.  See below for a Japanese transcript. 日本語訳については、以下を参照してください。   Last week, I heard an interesting rumor that Japanese run NHK is making a documentary about “How graduates in Singapore CANNOT find jobs”! It seems like some people already got interviewed about […]

Singapore needs minimum wage? Think twice, you may not benefit from it.

  I often get asked: “Do you have minimum wages in Japan? And when I reply “Yes”, the remark that follows is: “That’s great! That is what Singapore really needs!” I hear this quite often but hey, do you really know what you are wishing for? In a lot of countries, having minimum wages do […]

Japan, sinking paradise for elderly people

The article below has been submitted to us by our friends from Ninja Girls, see below for the post in it’s original Japanese. My parents in Japan. 私の両親です。   Everyone keeps saying that “Japan is facing a serious ageing problem”. But if we look at our average age, Japan and Singapore has only 5 year […]

How is Work-Life Balance like in Japan?

The article below has been written by Sakura (of Ninja Girls fame), you can visit them here at: http://www.ninjagirls.sg  Article in it’s original Japanese is at the bottom after the English version.     It’s not too long ago. It was very common for Japanese college students to go for a trip before their graduation. […]