Killer maids have been making the news. Would you still hire a helper?

Domestic helpers have been making the news in Singapore. But for the wrong reasons. In June 2016, a domestic helper was arrested after her employer was found dead in their house at Telok Kurau. This follows a string of other high profile cases of maid violence in recent years: In May 2016, a 30 year old […]

5 Things you need to know about Rotavirus

About 180 people have fallen ill with gastroenteritis (in Singlish, it’s also known as lao sai) in the Owen Road area since Monday. The authorities were alerted after a vigilant general practitioner noticed an unusual increase in the number of gastroenteritis cases in his clinic since May 16. Other clinics around the area also experienced […]

Why do successful men or women cheat?

Letter contributed by reader who wants to be known as ‘You Zhao Sai’. Bukit Batok People’s Action Party (PAP) MP David Ong resigned last week after admitting to a personal indiscretion – aka he cheated on his wife. This is not the first case of infidelity among our politicians. In 2012, Workers’ Party (WP) MP […]

You guys, Roy Ngerng is looking for donations…

Blogger Roy Ngerng, bard of CPF matters, will be allowed to pay the $180,000 (including the costs of the hearing) in damages he owes to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong interest-free (as long as he makes each payment on time) in instalments. The terms of his instalment plan are as follows: 16 Mar 2016 – […]

Imagine Singapore without the PAP and its policies

During the recent President’s Address at the opening of Parliament, two points that were made was 1. about having “appropriate checks and balances so that alternative views can be heard” and 2. that the government will study the current political system and see if tweaks are necessary so the system can improve. At a recent think-tank […]

Brace yourselves, annoying Chinese New Year interrogations are coming…

It’s that time of the year again… Chinese New Year. Where newlyweds weep at the sight of their empty pockets and singles groan at the thought of having to deal with a barrage of  questions regarding their love lives, where parents discuss ang bao rates and children are the only winners. Ahhhh… Chinese New Year. […]

Parliament 101

Not many of you know this, but the 1st Session of the 13th Parliament will commence on 15 Jan 2016. What is this 13th parliamentary session that we speak of? Remember those guys you voted for during GE last year? If they won, they are now your voice in parliament and can help you do […]

12 things single people can do this festive season

It’s Christmas. Your friends are coupled up and celebrating the festivities in their partners’ embrace while you are bemoaning your forever alone status. But wait, it doesn’t have to be like this! You CAN (and will) enjoy being single during Christmas. So here are 12 fun things to do for each of those silent, lonely, […]

SDP chairman arrested for drug offence

The Singapore Democratic Party’s (SDP) 51-year-old chairman, Mr Jeffrey George has been arrested for a drug offence. This is not the first time that prominent personalities and politicians in Singapore have been in the spotlight for their less than desirable activities. Chee Soon Juan Mr Chee Soon Juan was a psychology lecturer at the National […]

The stars are aligned for Chan Chun Sing

If you’re wondering why you’ve been seeing so much of Chan Chun Sing on the news, it’s because the guy’s on a winning streak. If Chan Chun Sing has a feng shui master he consults, we want the guy’s number. After all, 2015 has been nothing short of spectacular for the newly minted Labour Chief […]